Game Week 1

Game week 1 is over and I did ok. 74 points which was above the average but almost half the highest score of 142, the TCs on Salah, Sterling or Kane paid off.

So I started to download the data to analyse and pull together the data for some dashboards but the APIs had changed and the csv had also changed so the last few nights have been spent modifying the code but I have it all done now, fingers crossed so expect the dashboards to start appearing anytime soon 🙂

As a quickie here are some stats on defenders, I’m adding this as I did an earlier post on budget defenders and are they worth it, it certainly looks like it. Kelly for Palace returning 6 points

If we select the teams that didn’t appear in the top 10 last season we get this chart, Burnley defenders have done well. Is this an early season blip or the shape of things to come?

Talking of early season blips, Man United did well against Chelsea, I did say they would do better, have I got a crystal ball 🙂 Pogba showing early season form, should I transfer him in? My bet on Iwobi didnt pay off so its something to think off.

New dashboards are coming out soon so watch this space.

Cheap defenders – Are they worth it

Friday night is game night. The first game is Liverpool v Norwich, what will the outcome be? home win? Draw? how many goals will be scored? so many questions and I suspect someone will play triple captain on Salah 🙂

One question that will be on everyone’s list is do you get players from the newly promoted teams? is it really worth it? If we look at the new teams from last season and zone in on defenders it was worth it. That’s if you selected Wolves defenders 🙂 The others were hit or miss

Mind you Cardiff’s goalkeeper was a good shout, he was one of the best over the season, saving a few penalties in the early games helped his points tally. So top tip get a bargain goalkeeper and it can pay off.

Am I going to pick players from the newly promoted teams? yes I am, how many and which positions, possibly two, and this includes a goalkeeper and a defender, I just need to figure out which of them are going to do ok. In other words who will be the Wolves of the new teams.

The next few days will be stressful as the banter starts in the mini leagues and the expectation grows. I just hope I don’t have to use the wildcard in game week 2.

We are only Days away

With days to go until the kick off of the new season I’m still tinkering with the squad. I must have changed my mind on countless times.

Where to spend the money is always an interesting one, the four charts going in a clockwise direction from the top left are Goalies, Defenders, Forwards and Midfielders, yes I will change the titles 🙂 ,they show the total points on a game week basis. These don’t tell me too much really. The big spikes in the later weeks are due to double game weeks.

It gets more interesting when you look at the team/Player level stats. Last season Liverpool had the most points from defenders due to the assists from Robertson and Trent, will they do the same? considering they come in at £7 million each you would hope so.

I reckon Man united will do better this season, they have strengthened in defence with Harry McGuire and Wan-Bissaka. So I’m expecting big things from them, especially clean sheets.

So what about United’s new boys: They look like they are worth a shot. They will definitely steady up their defence.

But what about the bargain buys, well….. I will leave that for my next blog.

One week to go!

So its almost upon us, and I’m way behind. I’m starting to re-work the data model and re build the dashboards to give me more stats. The idea is to have a team page which shows stats which can then be drilled down to the player level. The landing page will look like this. Note it is not finished.

The teams page will allow you to see the data from all four English leagues. This will give the option to look at stats for betting maybe. Remember its only the bookies that make the money 🙂

I did find a bug in the Footy data which meant I had to reload all the data fortunately I had built this functionality into my system, phew!

The Player data will give you stats to help with the Fantasy leagues. Over the coming days expect more updates as I get the data to where I need it.

So who is going to choose which players? What about the new players, Pepe for Arsenal, 35 goals in 74 games in Ligue 1 could be a good choice. I might take a risk on him.

Looking at the stats

Currently looking at the stats to pick my initial Fantasy League team, this means refining the data model. This will end up in Power BI, but as always I like to get the data correct first which limits the amount of wrangling I do.

Looking at the first four games shows some interesting stats. I included who is still in the Premiership as a few of the good starters were relegated or transferred. So, Will this help me make my decisions? It has certainly pointed me in the direction of who to look out for. A consideration is the tournaments that were played over the summer.

A few of the big hitters played in the African Cup of Nations or the Copa America so how will this affect the players? Only time will tell, I suspect it may have an affect later in the season.

Its fair to say I have an initial pool of 30 players but this could change based on new Players ie Newcastle buying Joelinton.

Over the coming days I will get the dashboards up and running and begin the final selections but the season kicks off.

Game week 1 – Goalies

I’m looking at last seasons early form for goalies, I know this doesn’t mean much but it gives me an indication of possible options. Last seasons early form keeper was Neil Etheridge from Cardiff, this was helped by two penalty saves in the first two games.

First 4 games 18/19;0

Just goes to show you don’t need the big keepers in the first few games 🙂 But some of these players have retired or been relegated so this is purely an indicator of what can happen.

I need to look at the data behind these stats so a new Power BI report is needed.

The next few weeks will be stats, stats and more stats but at least I have a draft team, which so far has changed many times.

New Season

And the new season is almost upon us. Last season I didn’t update the blog enough, but this season I intend to do at least one post a week 🙂

This weekend I intend to run some stats on early season form based on last season to help me pick my draft team so here goes another season of much hype which I hope will finish in some good placings in the fantasy leagues I enter.

Week 28

Week 28 is upon us and things are hotting up. Liverpool are still top, just, and the fantasy leagues are getting close as well. I’ve been wondering when to use my wildcard, it was almost this week but I held off.

With 10 games to go after this game week I need to start planning when the chips will be used and who to select, especially with double game weeks coming along. I will add some more analysis and charts from Power BI in the coming days to show you what I have found.

I have also changed the Python ETL scripts, I feel I need to spend some time going over those with you as they are quite good now 🙂

Anyway its time for a coffee.

Latest musings

Where has the time gone, its already week 26, loads of things have happened, my team is doing ok, the Power BI dashboards are coming along and the data feeds have changed quite a bit.

Over the coming weeks I hope to blog a lot more regularly and show more of the stuff I’m doing in Power BI

Some of the data I have modelled and will end up in Power BI looks like this, basically its the new prediction algorithm 🙂

I’m also looking at using more DAX as currently I do a lot at the DB layer.

As a point of interest I use Power BI to show me which players to watch out for in the fantasy league.

back to the data.


Week 14 is almost upon us

Well, my 4 point hit in Game week 13 didn’t work out. Mind you there were quite a few players that let me down, so its onwards and upwards to GW14. I have modified the data model for the football data again and created some new dashboards. The mods were adding more data and fixing a few bugs so I’m hoping it gives me some form of advantage.

The new dashboards look like this.

This gives me a summary of goals, assists, overall minutes played etc.

I can also split by position.

There are some additional pieces of data I want to add to the charts like Total points to assist me in selecting my next transfers.

anyway, its back to the stats and working on the next dashboards 🙂