Player form ahead of GW5

I’m pouring over the stats to see who I should get in, I’ve decided on my Goalie, its Pope from Burnley. They have some good games coming up so I’m expecting some clean sheets. Defenders… well I’m still playing with the formation.

The attacking area is where I’m going all out. KDB, Sterling and Salah are three players a lot of managers are trying to get in, but then you have the headache of Captain 🙂

Interestingly the choice of formation and which players to have in will be based on where you think the points are coming from. I’ve opted for bargain forwards but Aguero could be a great choice, look at his games. But with Champions league football just around the corner I have one eye on rotations.

So who have I gone for, well, the three musketeers in the middle are a must, but Premium forwards could scupper my plans to maximise on points. Aubameyang, Haller and Kane are just outside the top scoring forwards. Are they a good bet? Can Abraham and Pukki continue with their great form. Will the Pukki party continue against City? so many questions.

I’ve also been playing with text alerts based on stats, first one is based on transfers. A select few are on the testing list 🙂

Back to the players As a differential I’m going for some Watford players in my team, new manager bounce is going to take effect. Watch the points roll in 🙂

Almost GW5

GW5 is almost upon us, the wildcard was activated what seems like ages ago but I finally have the final draft done. Is it good enough to get me climbing the leagues? My team is worth less now than when I started, so its obvious in the first four Game weeks I got something wrong, also I’m about mid table. Lots to do now

TAA seems to be a favourite amongst the premium defenders, mind you the lack of clean sheets means his assists are a great compromise to getting points.

Year on Year he is up as well

I have got the Player form stats working now, so later this week I will do a more in depth post.

Back to the stats.

International Break

International break so that means Wild Card time. Two weeks of playing with the team, but still considering the price increases and decreases. GW4 points haul was below average so the team really needs changing, but who to go for?

Looking at the stats Man City, Liverpool and Leicester are the top three point scoring teams.


Man City


I’m also trying to look at what other FPL Managers are doing. Before the season started I thought that Burnley would do better and Wolves worse due to the European games, this opinion was based on the squads. FPL Points they are neck and neck but in the actual Premiership Burnley is doing better, only just though.

Transfer wise it looks like this

I have created my team but there is a some possible tweaking left in one of two positions but I’m hoping the main 11 will do well, looking at budget defenders will Kelly get the game time now others are returning to the first 11 squad. Lets see, as at £4m he’s a good bet.

Back to the stats

The eve of GW 4

The eve of Game week 4 and I made my free transfer, I’m contemplating using 4 points for another but who to select, My Spurs midfielder isn’t playing so I thought of Cantwell, looking at the stats it could be a good bet.

Cantwell is on the rise so it could be a strategic move before his prices rises more. Interestingly after this game week its a break, so I suspect there will be a lot of wildcards being played.

By the way the charts are showing transfers on the bar and average price on the line.

So what do I do? I feel I need to sleep on it and make my decision tomorrow morning, but Cantwell looks a good bet.

Cant believe how many people are dumping premium defenders like Robertson, his price has dropped but I’ve got confidence in him, he will come good and get the points, but maybe a switch to TAA might have been an option.

My tip for a good price forward is Seb Haller from West Ham

Last time he got 13 points and he is looking good. But anyway its Friday night so my choices are Stats or chill with a beer, the beer is going to win.

Midway between GW3 and GW4

I’ve been looking at the stats to see who the popular players are in the transfer market, Pukki and Cantwell from Norwich are doing well but the lack of clean sheets has seen City and Liverpool defenders dropped in big numbers.

Lack of clean sheets is definitely making FPL Managers look at the assets of certain teams, City and Liverpool defenders aren’t the cheapest so getting rid of them can free up money for other positions.

So what are the FPL managers doing, well Burnley seem to be gaining numbers, its interesting to see.

Other teams like Crystal Palace are gaining. How will this affect the game, well, price drops and increases will make managers sell players before they drop, no one wants to have an asset that’s dropping in value.

Liverpool midfielders are interesting it seems Salah was the choice, then managers were selling Salah to get Mane now it is going the other way.

The transfer market is an interesting area in the FPL and the big question that needs to be answered is when do I use the wildcard. I said last week I would wait one more week, well, I may wait another but take a four point hit this week, but who to get rid off?

Post Week 3

Game week 3 has come and gone, I was saved by a few players as I seemed to have a lot of 1’s and 0’s. Some of the leagues I’m in, the teams had Kane as captain that also helped. So its time to look at the stats and plan for GW4

For me the question is stick with salah or cash in and spread the cash, sticking worked this week, But I was curious on how he is doing based on other years.

Looking at it from a year on year perspective, he is doing ok, he is slightly ahead of the 17/18 mighty points haul, but I have to remember it was his mid term performances that was slightly worse.

Its always useful to monitor the transfers so you don’t lose any money if all of a sudden there is lots of transfer activity, Look at Pukki his value has shot up. Managers are still bringing in Salah as well as selling him, so not worried yet 🙂

Keeping an eye on forwards as well and which one to potentially bring in, Aguero like Salah has lots of movements.

Looking at all the attacking options The big hitters are bringing back decent returns, but it looks like Pukki is the surprise package. He has gone up to 30% (ish) ownership. I have jumped on the bandwagon and bought him in.

I’m still considering using my wild card this week, but I’m still looking at which players to bring in, before GW3 I would have sold Salah and some others to bring in Mane and Kane, I’m glad I didn’t now, lucky escape.

Ignore some of the titles, they are wrong Clean sheets should be Assists, I will correct for next time, its been a long weekend.

Good luck for GW4

Almost game week 3

Game week 3 is hours away so what happened in game week 2, well I did terrible. Below average score and a host of points sat on the bench. There was some interesting transfer activity as well Pukki is becoming everyones favourite 🙂

My defence has let me down, expensive players chosen and not many clean sheets, surprisingly the big hitters in defence are

Lets hone in on Everton and Sheff United, Everton were highlighted as a team that could do well in the first 10 games and they have, I went for Everton Midfielders and Forwards, and I got a poor return, I even went for Iwobi, what was I thinking. I thought I would get an early season head start.

I was tempted to play the wild card for Game week 3 but I decided to stick for one more week but that could bite me, for example Pukki has gone up in value by .3 already.

If we look at the midfielders, especially the players from the ‘Big 6’ City are showing a good return from their players, Avoid the Chelsea players at the moment. I have Sterling and Salah, good return from Sterling average from Salah and I captained him for both games. I have some big decisions coming up.

Anyway its back to sorting out the new data model and adding value to the data.

Cheap defenders – Are they worth it

Friday night is game night. The first game is Liverpool v Norwich, what will the outcome be? home win? Draw? how many goals will be scored? so many questions and I suspect someone will play triple captain on Salah 🙂

One question that will be on everyone’s list is do you get players from the newly promoted teams? is it really worth it? If we look at the new teams from last season and zone in on defenders it was worth it. That’s if you selected Wolves defenders 🙂 The others were hit or miss

Mind you Cardiff’s goalkeeper was a good shout, he was one of the best over the season, saving a few penalties in the early games helped his points tally. So top tip get a bargain goalkeeper and it can pay off.

Am I going to pick players from the newly promoted teams? yes I am, how many and which positions, possibly two, and this includes a goalkeeper and a defender, I just need to figure out which of them are going to do ok. In other words who will be the Wolves of the new teams.

The next few days will be stressful as the banter starts in the mini leagues and the expectation grows. I just hope I don’t have to use the wildcard in game week 2.

We are only Days away

With days to go until the kick off of the new season I’m still tinkering with the squad. I must have changed my mind on countless times.

Where to spend the money is always an interesting one, the four charts going in a clockwise direction from the top left are Goalies, Defenders, Forwards and Midfielders, yes I will change the titles 🙂 ,they show the total points on a game week basis. These don’t tell me too much really. The big spikes in the later weeks are due to double game weeks.

It gets more interesting when you look at the team/Player level stats. Last season Liverpool had the most points from defenders due to the assists from Robertson and Trent, will they do the same? considering they come in at £7 million each you would hope so.

I reckon Man united will do better this season, they have strengthened in defence with Harry McGuire and Wan-Bissaka. So I’m expecting big things from them, especially clean sheets.

So what about United’s new boys: They look like they are worth a shot. They will definitely steady up their defence.

But what about the bargain buys, well….. I will leave that for my next blog.

One week to go!

So its almost upon us, and I’m way behind. I’m starting to re-work the data model and re build the dashboards to give me more stats. The idea is to have a team page which shows stats which can then be drilled down to the player level. The landing page will look like this. Note it is not finished.

The teams page will allow you to see the data from all four English leagues. This will give the option to look at stats for betting maybe. Remember its only the bookies that make the money 🙂

I did find a bug in the Footy data which meant I had to reload all the data fortunately I had built this functionality into my system, phew!

The Player data will give you stats to help with the Fantasy leagues. Over the coming days expect more updates as I get the data to where I need it.

So who is going to choose which players? What about the new players, Pepe for Arsenal, 35 goals in 74 games in Ligue 1 could be a good choice. I might take a risk on him.