Power BI and Fantasy footy data

The joys of data and hopefully some useful insights 🙂 Here is my latest dashboard on the Fantasy Footy Data.

3 week diff

This charts shows the data when you look at it over a three week period. The purpose of this data is see in form players, but by looking at three weeks it shows more analysis than looking at a single week. It shows the data in the following way:

  • Data by teams
  • Data by players
  • Data by position

It can be filtered by team or cost band.


Goals & Assists

These charts are showing goals and assists by players. It is the same format as the last chart. Interesting you can see that only two teams have not ahd a defender score and Chelsea have 11 goals from defenders.


This chart is showing goals and assists per minute played. The size of the bubble is total points. Bottom left quadrant is the one to be in.

This can be filtered by position.

If we zoom in we can see the stats for Mo Salah.


The drill down capabilities shows us the records which makes up the charts, if we right click on Chelsea and DEF we can see who has scored.


Drill down records

The records are showing us that Alonso has scored 6.


The purpose of these charts is to help me select which players do I bring into my team.

I will be posting once a week from now as we in a position when the data is flowing and we are seeing some good insights.


Power BI and fantasy league data

Back to playing with Power BI. I’m using the data from my Fantasy league team and seeing what insights I can get. This is the first post of many on this subject. Future posts will have more details in them.


The idea is to see the data from a details and KPI perspective.

KPIs are based on what I would my team to score, so Captain points are 15, other players just below 5. I came up with these numbers based on.

  • Team needs to get 60 points
  • Captain needs 15 points
  • 45 points shared between the other 10 players.

In the first set of charts the waterfall chart has drill down capabilities.

Top level, which shows points by week.

First level down shows points by players

Bottom level shows points by bench and first 11. ‘Y’ is bench.


I’m hoping this data will help me get higher in the leagues.