Small project start to finish – Footy data

So far I have been focused on showing you the charts that I created, here I am going to build a small project from the start. The goal is to produce  visualization that shows me FTHG against FTAG so I can see at a glance which teams will do well.

Starting off – Data

Getting the data right is the basis for a trouble free Power BI experience, as I’m using SQL Server it makes the job easier. You can data wrangle in Power BI but I prefer to do as much as possible before. My data model is made up of a single Fact table and various Dimension tables. The Fact is the results etc. and the Dimensions are the Teams, Season, Leagues etc. For the purpose of this I have not used Fact or Dim as either a Schema or in the naming convention, normally I would 🙂


Note: The Team table I have turned into 2 views as I want to select Home and Away teams. There are other ways of doing this but this is a simple way.


Power BI

Within Power BI I import the Tables and Views I require, and check the relationships between them. All the lines are solid so I’m happy.


The Dashboard is simply 2 charts and a selector. The selector is for the Leagues. The charts are a stacked bar chart and a quadrant chart. The stacked bar is based on Goal Difference. I created a new measure for this.

The Quadrant is based on FTHG against FTAG.

Now, you can select either of the charts and it will filter the other. Here I selected a specific value on the Stacked bar, Aston Villa -21 and it filtered the Quadrant chart.


If you hover over the Quadrant bubble for Aston Villa you can see FTHG 14 and FTAG 35 which gives you -21



This is a very simple project with just one dashboard, but because of the data even though it is simple we could produce quite a lot of charts.