Looking at the stats

Currently looking at the stats to pick my initial Fantasy League team, this means refining the data model. This will end up in Power BI, but as always I like to get the data correct first which limits the amount of wrangling I do.

Looking at the first four games shows some interesting stats. I included who is still in the Premiership as a few of the good starters were relegated or transferred. So, Will this help me make my decisions? It has certainly pointed me in the direction of who to look out for. A consideration is the tournaments that were played over the summer.

A few of the big hitters played in the African Cup of Nations or the Copa America so how will this affect the players? Only time will tell, I suspect it may have an affect later in the season.

Its fair to say I have an initial pool of 30 players but this could change based on new Players ie Newcastle buying Joelinton.

Over the coming days I will get the dashboards up and running and begin the final selections but the season kicks off.

Game week 1 – Goalies

I’m looking at last seasons early form for goalies, I know this doesn’t mean much but it gives me an indication of possible options. Last seasons early form keeper was Neil Etheridge from Cardiff, this was helped by two penalty saves in the first two games.

First 4 games 18/19;0

Just goes to show you don’t need the big keepers in the first few games 🙂 But some of these players have retired or been relegated so this is purely an indicator of what can happen.

I need to look at the data behind these stats so a new Power BI report is needed.

The next few weeks will be stats, stats and more stats but at least I have a draft team, which so far has changed many times.

New Season

And the new season is almost upon us. Last season I didn’t update the blog enough, but this season I intend to do at least one post a week 🙂

This weekend I intend to run some stats on early season form based on last season to help me pick my draft team so here goes another season of much hype which I hope will finish in some good placings in the fantasy leagues I enter.