We are only Days away

With days to go until the kick off of the new season I’m still tinkering with the squad. I must have changed my mind on countless times.

Where to spend the money is always an interesting one, the four charts going in a clockwise direction from the top left are Goalies, Defenders, Forwards and Midfielders, yes I will change the titles 🙂 ,they show the total points on a game week basis. These don’t tell me too much really. The big spikes in the later weeks are due to double game weeks.

It gets more interesting when you look at the team/Player level stats. Last season Liverpool had the most points from defenders due to the assists from Robertson and Trent, will they do the same? considering they come in at £7 million each you would hope so.

I reckon Man united will do better this season, they have strengthened in defence with Harry McGuire and Wan-Bissaka. So I’m expecting big things from them, especially clean sheets.

So what about United’s new boys: They look like they are worth a shot. They will definitely steady up their defence.

But what about the bargain buys, well….. I will leave that for my next blog.

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