Game Week 1

Game week 1 is over and I did ok. 74 points which was above the average but almost half the highest score of 142, the TCs on Salah, Sterling or Kane paid off.

So I started to download the data to analyse and pull together the data for some dashboards but the APIs had changed and the csv had also changed so the last few nights have been spent modifying the code but I have it all done now, fingers crossed so expect the dashboards to start appearing anytime soon 🙂

As a quickie here are some stats on defenders, I’m adding this as I did an earlier post on budget defenders and are they worth it, it certainly looks like it. Kelly for Palace returning 6 points

If we select the teams that didn’t appear in the top 10 last season we get this chart, Burnley defenders have done well. Is this an early season blip or the shape of things to come?

Talking of early season blips, Man United did well against Chelsea, I did say they would do better, have I got a crystal ball 🙂 Pogba showing early season form, should I transfer him in? My bet on Iwobi didnt pay off so its something to think off.

New dashboards are coming out soon so watch this space.

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