Almost game week 3

Game week 3 is hours away so what happened in game week 2, well I did terrible. Below average score and a host of points sat on the bench. There was some interesting transfer activity as well Pukki is becoming everyones favourite 🙂

My defence has let me down, expensive players chosen and not many clean sheets, surprisingly the big hitters in defence are

Lets hone in on Everton and Sheff United, Everton were highlighted as a team that could do well in the first 10 games and they have, I went for Everton Midfielders and Forwards, and I got a poor return, I even went for Iwobi, what was I thinking. I thought I would get an early season head start.

I was tempted to play the wild card for Game week 3 but I decided to stick for one more week but that could bite me, for example Pukki has gone up in value by .3 already.

If we look at the midfielders, especially the players from the ‘Big 6’ City are showing a good return from their players, Avoid the Chelsea players at the moment. I have Sterling and Salah, good return from Sterling average from Salah and I captained him for both games. I have some big decisions coming up.

Anyway its back to sorting out the new data model and adding value to the data.

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