Post Week 3

Game week 3 has come and gone, I was saved by a few players as I seemed to have a lot of 1’s and 0’s. Some of the leagues I’m in, the teams had Kane as captain that also helped. So its time to look at the stats and plan for GW4

For me the question is stick with salah or cash in and spread the cash, sticking worked this week, But I was curious on how he is doing based on other years.

Looking at it from a year on year perspective, he is doing ok, he is slightly ahead of the 17/18 mighty points haul, but I have to remember it was his mid term performances that was slightly worse.

Its always useful to monitor the transfers so you don’t lose any money if all of a sudden there is lots of transfer activity, Look at Pukki his value has shot up. Managers are still bringing in Salah as well as selling him, so not worried yet 🙂

Keeping an eye on forwards as well and which one to potentially bring in, Aguero like Salah has lots of movements.

Looking at all the attacking options The big hitters are bringing back decent returns, but it looks like Pukki is the surprise package. He has gone up to 30% (ish) ownership. I have jumped on the bandwagon and bought him in.

I’m still considering using my wild card this week, but I’m still looking at which players to bring in, before GW3 I would have sold Salah and some others to bring in Mane and Kane, I’m glad I didn’t now, lucky escape.

Ignore some of the titles, they are wrong Clean sheets should be Assists, I will correct for next time, its been a long weekend.

Good luck for GW4

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