Midway between GW3 and GW4

I’ve been looking at the stats to see who the popular players are in the transfer market, Pukki and Cantwell from Norwich are doing well but the lack of clean sheets has seen City and Liverpool defenders dropped in big numbers.

Lack of clean sheets is definitely making FPL Managers look at the assets of certain teams, City and Liverpool defenders aren’t the cheapest so getting rid of them can free up money for other positions.

So what are the FPL managers doing, well Burnley seem to be gaining numbers, its interesting to see.

Other teams like Crystal Palace are gaining. How will this affect the game, well, price drops and increases will make managers sell players before they drop, no one wants to have an asset that’s dropping in value.

Liverpool midfielders are interesting it seems Salah was the choice, then managers were selling Salah to get Mane now it is going the other way.

The transfer market is an interesting area in the FPL and the big question that needs to be answered is when do I use the wildcard. I said last week I would wait one more week, well, I may wait another but take a four point hit this week, but who to get rid off?

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