The eve of GW 4

The eve of Game week 4 and I made my free transfer, I’m contemplating using 4 points for another but who to select, My Spurs midfielder isn’t playing so I thought of Cantwell, looking at the stats it could be a good bet.

Cantwell is on the rise so it could be a strategic move before his prices rises more. Interestingly after this game week its a break, so I suspect there will be a lot of wildcards being played.

By the way the charts are showing transfers on the bar and average price on the line.

So what do I do? I feel I need to sleep on it and make my decision tomorrow morning, but Cantwell looks a good bet.

Cant believe how many people are dumping premium defenders like Robertson, his price has dropped but I’ve got confidence in him, he will come good and get the points, but maybe a switch to TAA might have been an option.

My tip for a good price forward is Seb Haller from West Ham

Last time he got 13 points and he is looking good. But anyway its Friday night so my choices are Stats or chill with a beer, the beer is going to win.

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