International Break

International break so that means Wild Card time. Two weeks of playing with the team, but still considering the price increases and decreases. GW4 points haul was below average so the team really needs changing, but who to go for?

Looking at the stats Man City, Liverpool and Leicester are the top three point scoring teams.


Man City


I’m also trying to look at what other FPL Managers are doing. Before the season started I thought that Burnley would do better and Wolves worse due to the European games, this opinion was based on the squads. FPL Points they are neck and neck but in the actual Premiership Burnley is doing better, only just though.

Transfer wise it looks like this

I have created my team but there is a some possible tweaking left in one of two positions but I’m hoping the main 11 will do well, looking at budget defenders will Kelly get the game time now others are returning to the first 11 squad. Lets see, as at £4m he’s a good bet.

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