Player form ahead of GW5

I’m pouring over the stats to see who I should get in, I’ve decided on my Goalie, its Pope from Burnley. They have some good games coming up so I’m expecting some clean sheets. Defenders… well I’m still playing with the formation.

The attacking area is where I’m going all out. KDB, Sterling and Salah are three players a lot of managers are trying to get in, but then you have the headache of Captain 🙂

Interestingly the choice of formation and which players to have in will be based on where you think the points are coming from. I’ve opted for bargain forwards but Aguero could be a great choice, look at his games. But with Champions league football just around the corner I have one eye on rotations.

So who have I gone for, well, the three musketeers in the middle are a must, but Premium forwards could scupper my plans to maximise on points. Aubameyang, Haller and Kane are just outside the top scoring forwards. Are they a good bet? Can Abraham and Pukki continue with their great form. Will the Pukki party continue against City? so many questions.

I’ve also been playing with text alerts based on stats, first one is based on transfers. A select few are on the testing list 🙂

Back to the players As a differential I’m going for some Watford players in my team, new manager bounce is going to take effect. Watch the points roll in 🙂

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